I’ve been doing a lot of internet window shopping at the moment. After going on many a night out at University, my funds are looking a little low. That doesn’t stop a girl from browsing, though!

Whilst I wait to be paid by work and wait for Cyber Monday to come around, I’ve been compiling a collection of some of my favourite swimwear pieces at the moment. Whilst you may have enough cash to splash already – I’d recommend waiting till Cyber Monday to scoop some great bargains.

Anyway, back to bikinis not bargains.

  1. ASOS FULLER BUST Mix and Match Mesh Insert Longline Bikini Top – £15.00


I absolutely love this set from ASOS, it satisfies my love for mesh, and I can’t get enough of high-waisted bottoms at the moment – too cute!


  1. ASOS Halter Cross Wrap Front Swimsuit – £28.00|


Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than lazing by a pool in a gorgeous swimsuit, especially when it’s quite revealing too!

This one is an absolute must-buy for me as soon as I have the money.


  1. Somedays Lovin Coconut Strappy Bikini Top – £32.00


Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the bottoms in this picture, the straps on the top are absolutely divine, I just need to find a cute pair of bottoms to go with the top and this could be my go-to bikini next summer!

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It all started in the early 1940’s, but at the time not much swimwear was produced. Later on though, in 1946, the bikini was invented and swimwear started to make an impact. What a great year 1946 was – where would we be without the bikini?

In the 1950’s the enhancement of the female figure became key, with large breasts and a small waistline being desirable – much like today. This was hugely influential on today’s aesthetics, however caps and flowers were common as accessories; I’m glad this didn’t catch on!

So much changed in 1960’s when fashion become more liberated, women were more eager to show skin and as bikinis got smaller in size, they got a lot bigger in popularity.

The 1970’s spelt a strong revival for the one piece; however it became even more revealing than ever, with a higher and higher cut.

The trend of more and more revealing swimwear continued in the 1980’s with plunging necklines along with the higher thigh cuts from the 70’s – if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Swimwear become more luxurious in the 1990’s, with high-end designers capitalising on its increasing popularity and producing some amazing swimwear collections.

As tan lines became less chic, bikinis got smaller and straps disappeared. Nowadays though, almost anything goes – I just love the freedom and range of choice!


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